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October 9th, 2023: I'm back from Iceland! It was great - the biggest nerd thing for me was how much of the heating was electrical, which made sense when you realize they've got so much geothermal heat there. We went to the Blue Lagoon spa, which is right next door to a giant geothermal plant, and I was like "wait, is this just industrial runoff from the geothermal plant?" and reader, IT WAS. (Though in this case "industrial runoff" is just "hot water that's already been used to spin a turbine.")

Anyway it was a delight and we saw glaciers and guysers (including the geysers, INCLUDING the geyser from which all other geysers get their name, Geysir) and worked out how they worked from first principles while we hiked around (then read the signs and discovered we were super wrong).

In conclusion, 10/10 island that was formally a land bridge between Greenland and Europe, would visit again.

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– Ryan

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