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July 20th, 2006:

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Achewood was really great yesterday! I love that comic and that episode in particular. Usually when there's a really great comic I'll email the creator to say "Hey, I really liked your comic today! Thank you for making it exceptionally awesome!" because I use a lot of exclamation marks because they're free. But I didn't email Onstad, thinking, man the dude probably has enough emails already, and PERHAPS IN RESPONSE TO THIS, last night I had a dream where he called me.

We chatted about things and I told him over the phone that I liked his comic and he said he liked mine too, and it was REALLY WEIRD because I've never dreamed about a cartoonist before, and I honestly don't normally have dreams where people I respect tell me I'm pretty okay. My subconscious is not that transparent; my dreams are customarily the standard dreams of men of my age and position: wild, unattainable dreams of courting a lady of breeding without incident and of settling sensibly in the Hamptonshire.

anyway embarrassing personal details aside i really liked yesterday's achewood is what i'm trying to say here dudes and ladies

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