What are the haps my friends

August 2nd, 2006: For Better or For Worse has started animating some of their strips when they're posted online. This seems to be almost entirely limited to making the characters blink; the result is supremely creepy. Instead of being like photographs, the panels instead become visions of our favourite characters trapped in temporal amber, screaming with mouths that cannot move, their remaining strength, marshalled, good only for a occasional flutter of eyelids, their humanity and their will to life reduced to its cruellest parody.

I think that the word I am reaching for is "unsettling", but a new instance of the word, a more powerful incarnation capable of rendering this animation, this - this blinking in only a few syllables while maintaining all of its unholy power. This would be a word whispered only accidentally while telling ghost stories, and as it hung moist in the air all conversation would cease, and suddenly we would become aware of our own breathing, of how the fire seemed colder, of how the roasted marshmallows began taste like chalk in our mouths, and of the sudden strange, unfriendly beating of our hearts.

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– Ryan

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