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What are the haps my friends

September 21st, 2006:
My friends Allene and Paul were born today DECADES AGO, and if you visit those links you'll see Allene's awesome comics which you will fall in love with and also Paul's totally nerdy professional page. Hi Paul! Also it was Michelle Horton's birthday a few days ago and I forgot to mention it! That is all for birthdays for a while I PROMISE.

Here's a nice article I'd been meaning to link to for a while, which is all about longboarding. Longboarding is how I get around Toronto! It is a great mode of transport. I'm the guy in the photo in red, smiling at the back left. If you see a dude in Toronto who is whipping between cars on what is essentially a giant plank on wheels, I am likely that dude.

This Sunday is the Word on the Street festival across Canada, and I'll be in Halifax! There won't be a comic on Friday because I'll be travelling across the country, but there will be one on Monday. If you're in Halifax, come out and I'll sell you a shirt, some stickers or tattoos, or the collected Dinosaur Comics and Happy Dog the Happy Dog! ALSO I will do things that don't require you give me money.

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– Ryan

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