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September 27th, 2006: Stories for Lunch is the latest project from AC Valdez, who you'll remember from the late great Lick My Jesus. Instead of absurdly hilarious comics, Stories for Lunch records AC interviewing interesting people (poets and otherwise) in the DC area, who tell him a story in exchange for him buying them lunch. It's a good idea and the results are good too!

Also good is The Non-Adventures of Wonderella by Justin Pierce of Killroy and Tina fame. WebComicNation's archive system sucks for linking to single comics, but you can read all of the Wonderella comics so far published here. A really good one is this one! I LIKE IT.

Finally A Softer World is selling shirts again and they are pretty great! There's the 3-empty-boxes shirt that I totally designed (in that I said "hey maybe this would look cool") and now I claim credit whenever I can. If you don't like shirts with dinosaurs on them maybe you'd like shirts with Baby Doom on them!

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