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What are the haps my friends

October 2nd, 2006: By popular demand and by people telling me that I should really do it, you can now get some of the men's shirts in my t-shirt store in 2XL sizes. Not all shirts are in 2XL yet because I won't be ordering stock for those for a while, but for those that have new stock coming in soon, you can now buy them in 2XL sizes. You can get A Wizard Has Turned You Into A Whale, Feelings Are Boring Kissing Is Awesome, and I'm Made of Meat in double extra large sizes. Hooray!

Speaking of public demand, I spent all weekend making a limited-run shirt for everyone who emailed me asking for a Beards Over Babies shirt. People even sent me their own designs for a shirt! The design I came up with is, as I say on the page where you can totally buy it, "[Something] your little sister would draw for you and you would say 'thank you' and then you might tell her that it's very special."

One year ago today: research for this comic included visiting websites with the word 'astro-NOT' used over and over again.

– Ryan

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