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What are the haps my friends

December 7th, 2006: Guys, referring to the internet as "tubes" is OLD HAT. It is LAST WEEK, or more precisely YESTERDAY, because it was yesterday that Torontoist pointed me towards this hilarious video, which is an archived clip from CBC News in the early 90s, talking about "the growing phenomenon of internet". From now on, I would ask that you drop the "the" whenever referring to internet. I will do the same.

(sorry about the ebaumsworld video, but it was the best I could find!)

This video has changed my life. Not only does it have a British chap professing his abiding passion for all things Thai, but it has a great explanation of emoticons, which I have put on a shirt for myself and am selling for a brief time for anyone who'd like one! They won't get printed until after Christmas, but imagine starting the new year with a shirt that proclaims to everyone, in all caps, that YOU ARE SERIOUS, and has the emoticon to back it up:

I will wear mine to funerals guys :-[

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– Ryan

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