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What are the haps my friends

March 5th, 2007: If you pick up the latest Wizard Magazine, there's a nice column talking about sweet web comics, and Dinosaur Comics is included there, along with PBF, Penny Arcade, Diesel Sweeties, and Act-I-Vate. It is good company to be in. Thanks, Wizard Magazine!

ALSO a few days ago I linked to World Community Grid, which allows your computer to help cure cancer when it's not doing anything else. A few people suggested I set up a Dinosaur Comics team, and I have done so! If you're a member, you can visit this link to join the team, and then you can see how much cancer Dinosaur Comics readers have cured so far. So far the only member is me?

ALSO I came across this post which combines my recent poker comic with House M.D. YOU MAY LIKE IT??

FINALLY, the latest Reckless Life update has a character wearing a shirt that you startlingly familiar to one that you may have ordered and that will be shipping soon!

One year ago today: i love the idea of 'next time' scenes that maybe never actually take place. thanks, arrested development!

– Ryan

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