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What are the haps my friends

April 30th, 2007: Today is the last day to submit a story to the Machine of Death anthology! So if you haven't done that yet then you had better write something hella quickly.

What are you doing on Saturday? Hopefully you are going to your local comic shoppe for Free Comic Book Day! You can go into any comic book store that day and pick up free comics, including "Comics Festival 2007", because it is a rad comic book filled up with a bunch of comics and I'm in it too! Woo! If you're in Toronto, drop by The Beguiling that day, because I'll be there handing out free comics and signing stuff! There'll be a lot of other cool authors there too and even though it says I'll only be there from noon till 3 I will probably be there for longer. The Beguiling also has my shirts, book and cards in stock, so it is totally worth the trip. Also they have other books by other authors too.

It's been a while since I put up t-shirt pictures huh? ACTUALLY IT HAS NOT SINCE I PUT SOME UP JUST NOW!! Check out these attractive chicks and dudes, like Krystal and Edwin! Matt and Candice! Greg! Justine! Lauren! Sarah! Stuart! Rory! Jesse! Harry! Posterchild! Joshua! another Stuart! Julian! Rob! I think my favourite from this group is Stuart here, because if you will look closely you'll notice that the picture is in fact a picture of a painting. Stuart is portrayed by the painter, Lauren, as "...being caught between childhood and adulthood, eager and strangely oversized in a world of bright and simmering shapes." I think that's pretty clear.

One year ago today: man! what's the deal?

– Ryan

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