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What are the haps my friends

May 2nd, 2007: CAN YOU REALLY HAVE INFINITE GHOSTS IN ONE GHOST BODY? Let's calm ourselves down for a moment and consider the possibilities.

I meant to mention yesterday: I'll be at The Beguiling in Toronto for Free Comic Book Day, but if you're in Halifax, you should definitely check out Strange Adventures, because amazing people will be there! Your friend and mine Andy "Owly" Runton will be there, as well as the charming and polite Darwyn Cooke, the talented Hope Larson, and the huggable Bryan Lee O'Malley!

Also if you're in Toronto, Scott McCloud will be speaking on Sunday May 6th at 7:30! You can pick up tickets at The Beguiling in advance or at the door, but I'd do it in advance because it's likely to sell out. I'll be there! This is a really rare chance to see a great comics theorist speak locally.

And if you're in NEW YORK CITY, then tonight you could go out to the Webcomics meet up and meet some cool people and talk shop!

Okay so we've got 1070 members on the Dinosaur Comics distributed computing team and we only need a few more members to COMPLETELY OVERTAKE the entire country of France. WE CAN DO IT. If you sign up you get to cure cancer and AIDS in your computer's spare time, which is an excellent thing for your computer to be doing.

One year ago today: CONFESSION CORNER: i am a dude who will probably never get a real chance to shout "hold the front page!", and sometimes that makes me very sad.

– Ryan

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