NEW BOOK ALERT: William Shakespeare Punches A Friggin' Shark And/Or Other Stories!! AHHHH IT'S GONNA BE GREAT
What are the haps my friends

December 30th, 2016: That's it for 2016! I'ma run some CLASSIC COMICS here until we all start fresh in 2017. Enjoy the last days of this year and let's all maybe enjoy some tasty foods without regret!!

Today's comic is from November 17th, 2010, Wednesday's comic first ran on January 9th, 2007, and Monday's CPR comic first ran on March 11th, 2009.


I'm writing a book and could use your support in making it super awesome! It's called William Shakespeare Punches A Friggin' Shark and it's a choose-your-own path SHAKESPEARE ADVENTURE. And it's being illustrated by 100% amazing people!!

One year ago today: Convincing his classmates that his uncle worked at Nintendo and let him play Mario 4 but he can't say much because it's top secret but he will say that he played it for a bit and you get to play as Yoshi's sister, Yo-she

– Ryan

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