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What are the haps my friends

July 26th, 2007: Last weekend we sent out the last of the acceptance letters (FOR NOW) for the Machine of Death anthology! It's the anthology based on this comic where we (David, Matthew and myself) asked the general internet community for stories. The response was overwhelming and of an extremely high quality. You can read the final lineup here, which I recommend checking out! We also talk about the process and the response. Now it is just a matter of sending out cheques and getting things published. Congratulations to all the authors!

I really think you will enjoy this book!

FINALLY, happy Pi Approximation Day to those of you who celebrated it yesterday! You can celebrate by just sort of rubbing a pie around your face. If you were doing that anyway yesterday, well then, you celebrated it by accident!

One year ago today: i am saving so many things for the judge

– Ryan

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