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What are the haps my friends

July 26th, 2006: The amazing Liz Greenfield of Stuff Sucks and I have a guest comic up at Questionable Content today! I am really happy with it. Liz took my script and made it awesome. FOR EXAMPLE, here's what the script for panel 3 read in its entirety, as I wrote it:

PANEL 3: Here we see Marten in the future, and he's got a streak of white in his hair like Future Professor Data did in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "All Good Things", which was the last one of the series and the one where there was the antitime rift that was actually caused by Picard trying to stop it! Although actually it was sort of caused by Q allowing Picard to stop it. Remember?

Star Trek?

What do you think about the Enterprise E.

So what I'm saying is Thanks Liz! You are great and totally saved my butt!

Also! Dinosaur Comics is being syndicated at PopMatters, and we're starting a bit in the past and catching up, so if you want to get TWO Dinosaur Comics in one day and haven't read all the comics, then you are totally SET.

Finally, my friend Rosemary (of Bird and Moon fame) has a new project, called Birds for Bulbs! Put an energy-saving bulb in your house, and she'll draw you a bird. That's a good deal for me, since I've got one of those bulbs anyway!

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– Ryan

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