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What are the haps my friends

March 26th, 2008: Man I am behind on emails! Here's some fantastic stuff people have emailed me recently: Summer sent me these images of a pillow she embroidered for her sister. Fantastic.

And Andy sent me this image of Richard the Third the Video Game, which makes me want to play it even more!

So I was thinking of promoting my Livejournal to "OFFICIAL QWANTZ DOT COM BLOG" (and it looks like I just did) but reading it over just now it's not as interesting as I thought! This is me: "hay guys what's up here's some links that boingboing will pick up in a few days so in retrospect aren't that new and also here is a story about someone else's toaster." Actually I take that back! Ben's toaster story is great.

Also, people reading this by RSS - this is a special comment JUST FOR YOU! It's not on the website. I realize that the past two comics got sent out twice but that shouldn't happen today. If it happens today and you're reading this for a second time, rest assured that I am punching dudes as we speak.

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– Ryan

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