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What are the haps my friends

December 12th, 2008: Wow a lot of people have opinions on zombies versus vampires! Chris emailed me this movie he's working on showing A VERY SIMILAR SITUATION, apparently there is a truly terrible movie squandering the premise, and also there's this vampires versus zombies movie and most promising there's Bobby and Chris Crosby's Last Blood, which is a comic about vampires protecting humans from zombies, because zombies are threatening to wipe out the vampire's food supply, which is humans. And apparently it is being turned into a movie which sounds like fun times!

CHRISTMAS: If you want totally awesome Dinosaur Comics clothing to arrive in time for Christmas, you have to order soon! If you're shipping to a non-US address, you should order with Global Priority, Express, or UPS shipping to get things in time - regular shipping might not do it! With these express shipping options, you can push Christmas ordering for international orders up to December 12th. And if you're shipping to a US address, you should order before December 17th.

Also! New in the store and pictured above is the A Wizard Has Turned You Into A Whale hoodie that is warm and huggable and awesome, which coincidentally are properties I'm sure are also shared by the person you may want to buy it for!!

One year ago today: hey guys yesterday's comic also works for book and game titles too

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