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What are the haps my friends

August 7th, 2009: My friend Allene (she of the rarely-updated LiveJournal and the artist of the Happy Dog the Happy Dog book we did together!) would always say "Crows are smart, Ryan" and I'd say "WHATEVER, ALLENE", swatting her away irritably as I returned focus to my current project, which more likely than not was dropping pebbles into a long-necked jar so I could reach the worm floating inside. But guys it turns out Allene was right! Vince sent me a link in which SCIENCE proves it: crows are pretty smart.

And Willem just sent me an article about how crows can tell people apart and also become alienated and seek revenge. And Jay links to this TED talk involving crows using a vending machine! Finally, Cody sent in this link to a paper about clever New Caledonian crows, which includes video proof.

One year ago today: i was wolverine for a day last week, and just never used my powers. I Am Almost Certain Of It.

– Ryan

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