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What are the haps my friends

October 13th, 2009: The latest update to Andrew Hussie's MS Paint Adventures brings an epic close to the current chapter, and if you watch closely, there's a flashback to millions of years ago where events are being put into motion and it's dinosaur times and a pterosaur flies overhead for a bit. This pterosaur is actually the same pterosaur that's in the header of this very comic, the green rhamphorhynchus to the above right of every strip!

Believe you me: this is no mere shout-out to good, sensible web design elements. I believe this to be an acknowledgement of what Andrew and I have long known in our individual and respective heart of hearts: that Dinosaur Comics and MS Paint Adventures take place in the same universe, that one will segue into the other after only a few million years have passed, and that just as Steve Urkel and Carl Winslow could in theory go for a walk and bump into Balki and cousin Larry, so too will this pterosaur from my site one day happen to fly over the events which set up the adventures now being chronicled on his site, these adventures that take us through time and space, these adventures that have let us take control of the bodies of at least three children so far, these - these MS Paint Adventures.

Anyway if you like my comic you'll probably like his is what I'm saying

One year ago today: guest week 2008: david malki ! of wondermark!

– Ryan

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