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What are the haps my friends

November 6th, 2009: I mentioned I like out-of-genre cover songs and you guys sent me so many out of genre cover songs! THIS IS EXCELLENT. I also like money and solid gold cars you guys!

Here's some of the cream of the crop! The Baseballs do 50-style covers of modern music, and Umbrella has a great video to go with it.. It's a window into a universe where rock and roll never stopped rockin' and rollin'!

Kate Nash has done a few of these (and she's got a great voice!), Hollaback Girl is one of my favourites. Amanda Palmer does Creep on the ukulele, and here's Karen Souza doing a sexy lounge version of the same. And I've linked to her before, but fellow Torontoian Kay Pettigrew's cover of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme is totally rad.

With more irony we've got Jenny Owen Youngs doing "Hot in Herre", and you're probably already familiar with Alanis doing My Humps, Mat Weddle doing Hey Yah, and The BossHoss who do pop music "in the original country and western" and who I've even seen live! How about we go with I Say A Little Prayer from them.

Anyway hooray for music that sounds like other music!

One year ago today: Science has drugged participants in this game with intranasal oxytocin, which increases generous offers by 80% relative to a placebo! thanks, intranasal oxytocin! i hear you're also useful in childbirth

– Ryan

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