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What are the haps my friends

December 16th, 2009: ITEMS OF NOTE:

The Child's Play charity auction for a T-Rex Squishable is ending in just a few hours!

Dinosaur Comics stuff ordered today isn't guaranteed to make it in time for Christmas, unless you're shipping to the States and you choose USPS DOMESTIC EXPRESS shipping. You can still order to non-US addresses however, and some of it still might get there in time! CHRISTMAS IS A TIME OF MIRACLES. (NO PROMISES ON THE MIRACLES THOUGH)

The Project Wonderful ad to the right is currently showing this image which links here, and I've got to say that I find this entirely charming and I love all my readers, but ESPECIALLY the ones who do stuff like this.

I hope you enjoyed these three ITEMS OF NOTE.

One year ago today: hilarious double-entendre in panel 5 alert! allow me to be the first to say, 'tee hee, boners'

– Ryan

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