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June 17th, 2010: The Wikipedia talk page for Tarrare is awesome because it's basically all people saying "Seriously?? SERIOUSLY???"

Anyway check out Tarrare on Wikipedia and Charles Domery, generally the more believable of the Gobbley Twins - although this guy would apparently resort to eating kilograms of grass a day "if no other food was available". "Man, we're out of cats again? GUESS I'M GOING OUT FOR GRASS, IF ANYONE NEEDS ME I'LL BE OUTSIDE ON MY HANDS AND KNEES EATING KILOGRAMS OF GRASS, MAKE SURE TO TELL FUTURE GENERATIONS ABOUT THIS"

One year ago today: i've a degree in computational linguistics, so i speak with authority when i say "this is a bold new approach to the problem of NLP, and i have never encountered another paper which comes close to exploring this brave and exciting new vista"

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