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What are the haps my friends

June 29th, 2010: Guys it turns out you were all waiting for yesterday to email me your tales of romance! I haven't written everyone back yet but I will do so soon! But to share: not only were there nice chats with strangers, there was also POTENTIAL SMOOCHING and "SPARKS" of the ROMANTIC VARIETY. Also there were a bunch of people who only found out about the day when it was almost over so here's the deal: we'll do this again soon, and we'll do it with some warning, and we'll do it on a weekend so that people in offices can play too.

Let's say... Saturday, July 17th? Mark it in your calendars! This will be the annual July Dinosaur Comics Check Out My Sweet Shirt, And Then Talk To Me Because I'm Awesome Day. NICE.

One year ago today: time for me to starting saying "no doubt!" instead of "yes"

– Ryan

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