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What are the haps my friends

June 30th, 2010: So hey did you guys hear about the G20 in Toronto last weekend? The event itself was kinda a non-event but the 1 billion dollars Canadians spent on security was kinda - insane? We built a big wall around the downtown core of the city, and the chief of police announced that there was a new secret law passed wherein anyone within 5 meters of this fence had to produce ID or be arrested. And then, after the event, he announced that he made the law up because it suited his purposes? HILARIOUS. Toronto police Chief Bill Blair, ladies and gentlemen.

But in happier, more awesome news, you'll be happy to know that even during protests, if people try to loot, Canadians will stop them as politely as possible, shouting a nice "Don't steal" to them after they go.

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– Ryan

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