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December 7th, 2010: I've been enjoying The Onion AV Club's Star Trek television reviews for quite a while. They're by Zack Handlen who knows how to write about television in an engaging but still thoughtful way. Highly recommended! I don't always agree with his assessments (I seem to love all the episodes he likes the least) but I think it's the mark of a great reviewer that I still really enjoy his assessments and the way he gets there. I linked there to the first episode of TNG, but Zach's also done all of TOS and he's working through TNG each week. It is FUN TIMES.

One year ago today: Congratulations to my friend Amanda McCoy, who just got her PhD! That's just excellent. I'm really happy to list Dr. McCoy among my friends, pretty sure I'll never call her by her first name again

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