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What are the haps my friends

January 24th, 2011: Starting today (hopefully by the time you read these words, but if not - soon!) you can get signed copies of my new AND awesome book!

You'll be able to get your it signed to whoever you want and a little T-Rex sketch added too! This will cost money but it will be worth it, I PROMISE. Just look for the little "I want this book signed" checkbox!

This is possible because I'm going down to New England for Webcomics on Ice on January 29th and there's going to be cartoonists and VIDEO GAMES. It's going to be great; you should come!

One year ago today: on the plus side, luna 15 looks pretty much exactly how you'd imagine a space moon robot to look. it's got insect-like arms and even a giant eye on the top! i rate it: five stars out of a possible five.

– Ryan

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