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What are the haps my friends

January 21st, 2011: FUN FACT: "The Singularity" was the idea for the last comic, before Ginger Peanut and Sparky totally hijacked the conversation (NO REGRETS).

ANOTHER FUN FACT: I'm going down to New England for Webcomics on Ice on January 29th and there's going to be cartoonists and VIDEO GAMES. It's going to be great. Since I'll be at TopatoCo, starting next week (Monday!) we'll be offering signed copies of this:

So if you'd like to buy my book, do it starting Monday, and you'll be able to get it signed to whoever you want and a little T-Rex sketch added too! This will cost money but it will be worth it, I PROMISE.

A FINAL FUN FACT: if you're looking for a long read that involves feelings but in a GOOD way, my comic recommendation for today is Red String by Gina Biggs, who you might also know from her sexytime comics by female artists site, Filthy Figments! That last link is NSFW, in case the word "sexytimes" did not tip you off that times that are sexy are ahoy.

One year ago today: Autotheism is the belief that you, personally, are divine. And by "you", I obviously mean "me".

– Ryan

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