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What are the haps my friends

January 25th, 2011:

  • THING ONE: The Dinosaur Comics Distributed Computing Team (sixth biggest on the network, bigger that the teams of ENTIRE NATIONS) is chugging along nicely, doing a bunch of humanitarian computing (ironic for a comic about dinosaurs? oh ho ho) (not really) ANYWAY. I was contacted by The Harvard Clean Energy Project yesterday, and they're working on simulating molecules to find the best ones for cheap, effective solar cells. They've got an opt-in project on the grid and they're hoping Team Dinosaur Comics we'll opt in! I SAID WE WOULD DO OUR BEST. If you're not already a member of our team, join us; your computer can change the world in its spare time. If you're already a member, all you have to do is opt in! Harvard's set up a video for us here showing how. (Basically, on the World Community Grid site, go to "Device Manager" in the left-hand column, and set your Device Profile so it includes "The Clean Energy Project - Phase 2".) Tada!
  • THING TWO: You can get signed copies of my new AND awesome book! It's for this week only.

    You can get the book signed to whoever you want AND you can specify what clothes you want T-Rex to wear. I WILL DRAW T-REX IN THE HAT OF YOUR CHOOSING. This is the future, and we live in it!

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– Ryan

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