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What are the haps my friends

February 1st, 2011: If you're Canadian, I ask that you sign this petition and/or donate to help stop the new usage-based billing laws coming to Canada. They'll change our internet access to be the same as it is for cell phones: charged by the byte, super expensive, and hella terrible.

Also! In happier news, today is Dinosaur Comics Birthday Day! Thank you SO MUCH for reading my comic, sharing the link with friends, and all the other awesome things you do and might in fact be doing RIGHT NOW. It's terrific. It's given me the best job in the world.

Speaking of that! Today I'm in Easthampton at TopatoCo headquarters, snowed in, signing all those books you ordered. (Here I'm using a rhetorical you, I do not believe that one of you ordered all those signed books - OR DID YOU??) If you want a signed copy of my new book where I'll draw T-Rex wearing WHATEVER HAT YOU WANT, order today, because that option will disappear soon!

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– Ryan

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