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What are the haps my friends

April 19th, 2011: Do you have... TALENTS? I know you do; don't even try to play it off like it's not a thing.

We're putting on a Machine of Death talent show, and anything you can do in under five minutes that's even tangentally related to Machine of Death: we're interested in it. In fact, David put up a a video of his freestyle science and if you can beat that then you are IN. The details are on the Machine of Death site, and the deadline is April 20th, which is in two days! So I would recommend you Get To It and Put Something Together With All Haste, because the show should be... amazing?


Chris Yates has been making some sweet one-of-a-kind puzzles for years, and this fortnight he's putting up WEBCOMIC BAFFLERS. They're so great. They sell out really quickly as there are only one of each in the whole universe, but I have it on good authority that there may well be a T-Rex puzzle in this fortnight. You should follow Chris or myself on Twitter if you want to know the second they're released! You should also follow us if you are interested in what strangers are up to; we can provide that service for free and with 55% accuracy.

One year ago today: before you, a shirt that says "IF YOU WERE ME, YOU COULD LOOK DOWN THE FRONT OF YOUR SHIRT AND SEE A REALLY DISTORTED VIEW OF MY BODY". on the back is printed "(JEALOUS??)".

– Ryan

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