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What are the haps my friends

July 21st, 2011: Hah hah so you know how here I was all "NEW BOOK FOR SAN DIEGO, LOOK HOW RAD IT IS"? We got the books an hour before the show opened and while they LOOKED rad, the pages fall out of the book when you read it. Also, the colours are wrong. We used the same printer as we did for the last book (which turned out great!) but this time I guess it was "Take Your Kid To Work Day And Also Let Them Do All The Work Without Supervision, I Really Want To See What Happens" day.

ANYWAY these books are not quality and not something I'd feel comfortable with someone else having! So these go in the recycle bin and we're going to print them again with a new printer: one who believes, as I do, that books should not have built-in real-life "self destructs into a big pile of paper after two readings" DRM. It sucks and it makes me sad, but the book, when it IS ready, will be worth it.

One year ago today: has anyone ever said "road trip" without saying "woo"? If they have, I certainly don't want to know about it.

– Ryan

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