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What are the haps my friends

February 1st, 2012: Today is the birthday of Dinosaur Comics! It was on this day in the sepia-toned past when I put up the very first dinosaured comic. And as always, today is a chance for me to thank you for reading my comic, thank you for supporting it through buying awesome things, and thank you for telling your friends about it. My job is to work for the internet, and it is the best job in the world! Thank you all so much.

This weekend I'll be at Running GAGG in Geneseo, which is a great opportunity to come out and say "hi". And maybe exchange high fives? It seems only likely. Gentleman Chris Hastings of Dr. McNinja will be there with me!

I've mentioned how I'm writing the Adventure Time comic, which debuts next Wednesday, February 8th at a comic book store near you. Look what I got in the mail last night! (Big version here.) It is really exciting after months of work to have a real thing in your hands. Hooray!

Oh! Also, in the evenings I've been reading the amazing Back To The Future Novelization published in 1985 and taking people through it page-by-page. The book is crazy, and was written based off an early draft of the script, so all sorts of stuff is nutty. Here's the first post and here's Page 1, which should give you a taste of how amazing this book is (everybody dies on the first page). B to the F is the name of the site! Or B^F (I haven't decided yet but come on, B^F is the best abbreviation for "Back to the Future" ever in time)

So in summary, thank you for letting me do this job, and here is a lot of fun stuff I wrote for for you to read!

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