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What are the haps my friends

April 20th, 2012: This here comic was inspired by one of my favourite blogs, Kelly's Adulting. I recommend it! Go read!

You all know Piled Higher And Deeper, right? They have made PhD Comics into a MOVIE. Yes! A movie version of a webcomic: I AM THE EXCITED ONE. You can watch the trailer here and even watch the whole movie for $10, and because I was so excited, Jorge gave me a coupon that I can give you guys to watch the movie for only $5. HALF-OFF, just for reading my comic? Wow this whole internet comic thing is paying off, for you, the reader!! Here's the link again with the coupon, or you can just add ?coupon=dinosaur to the end of the URL. (PS: I don't make any money off of this, this is SINCERE ENTHUSIASM!)

UPDATE: It has been suggested that this secret "?coupon=dinosaur" code might be a cheat code for the ENTIRE UNIVERSE OF ONLINE SHOPPING which I can neither confirm nor deny

Also! It's (somewhat delayed, sorry about that) spring footer time! Scroll alllll the way to the bottom of the non-mobile website and you'll see the new footer, which gives us a glimpse inside the Tiny Woman's PARADOX CABIN. It was done by Danielle "Sweet Bike Helmets" Baskin, who wanted to give a shout out to her friend Matt and Steve's awesome stop-motion animation which I enjoyed too and so HERE WE ARE.

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– Ryan

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