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What are the haps my friends

November 12th, 2012: Everyone! It's only November but here in Internet Land we need to start thinking about Christmas Shipping Deadlines. There are a bunch of new things in my store that I will be talking about this week, and if you're shipping to a non-US address, it wouldn't hurt to get holiday shopping out of the way early!

A brand new Dinosaur Comics book came out this year: Volume F: Feelings Are Boring, Kissing Is Awesome and among the bonus material it features is an introduction by my high-school English teacher, Janet Cover. This is the perfect book to buy for yourself or for a friend who knows how to read. Even if they barely know how to read, it is a fact that reading is easier and more fun when there are colourful pictures of the people speaking! SURPRISE! THAT'S WHAT COMICS ARE, COMICS RULE, WE ALL KNOW IT

One year ago today: i used "thon" in an actual email yesterday and it felt - it felt RIGHT. whoever receives it will say to thonself: "wow. this dude's english just kicked my ass."

– Ryan

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