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What are the haps my friends

May 22nd, 2013: Check out this awesome email I got from Ash, you guys:

dear ryan

a while back i was in the process of purchasing your one amazing human shirt when i noticed that the nutritional information said 80kg on it, because i'm guessing that's the average weight of an adult human thing?

"that is pretty worrying!" said i, "for i am an adult human thing and i weigh exactly half that!"

this provoked a trip to the doctors, and a blood test revealed that i've not only got an underactive thyroid gland but also diabetes :o now both these conditions are getting treated asap before i turn into one (1) spooky skeleton! dinosaur comics might have literally saved my life! or you know at least greatly improved the quality of it/my chances of not dying

i guess that means i owe you one,

This is awesome, and I'm glad I could help! Also I'm amazed that Dinosaur Comics merchandise could literally save your life. Good work, funny t-shirt!

One year ago today: today's comic has filename comic2-2222.png, a repeated-two filenaming pleasure that i am unlikely to enjoy again, unless i live for another... 76 years?? maaaaaaan

– Ryan

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