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What are the haps my friends

July 9th, 2013: Yesterday I talked about This Is How You Die, focusing on the AWESOME STORIES and our CRAZY STUNT to get the book on the New York Times bestseller list! Yesterday went SUPER WELL and we are on our way.

Today there is a trailer for the book up on Funny or Die! It's actually a series of short films and you should TOTES CHECK IT OUT. And then when you're done maybe check out our sequel to Amazon's #1 bestselling book in 2010 (for a day)?

ANOTHER FUN FACT: Amazon has "This Is How You Die" on sale for $12.70 ($12.70!) and the original Machine of Death for $12.32 and the total for both is... $25.02, which is the price at which you get free shipping! DANG, YO. YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY BUY THIS BOOK, I'M PRETTY SURE.

One year ago today: i'd definitely be WAY more into my dog if he was called "noam chompsky". what? he is? AWW, COME'ERE YOU

– Ryan

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