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December 12th, 2013: Continuing my series of "things I have done this year that have ended up on a best-of list which works out nicely since Christmas is coming up and maybe you want to buy them for someone now that you have THIRD-PARTY CONFIRMATION that they are at the very least pretty okay": the Adventure Time comic is on Comics Alliance's Best Comic Books of 2013 list! The write-up about it actually contains a super sweet compliment:

The purest compliment I can give the book is that I -- for the first time in a lifetime reading licensed comics -- remembered its two-part storyline spanning issues #13 and #14 as an episode of the cartoon. At one point I wanted to "rewatch" it and I scanned my episodes for a solid half hour in an attempt to see Finn, Jake and Marceline escape a virtual world ruled by the digital consciousness of a lost soul from the pre-apocalypse, only to remember that it happened in the pages of the comic.

Aw that's super nice! THANK YOU COMICS ALLIANCE.

One year ago today: dogs can also die if they eat chocolate or onions or garlic or macadamia nuts or grapes or raisins or hops or avocado, which makes one wonder how we got dogs to the modern era at all

– Ryan

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