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June 3rd, 2015: I really liked Wondermark's A Softer World Tribute and it made me realize: hey, now that A Softer World has ended, their format is UP FOR GRABS. I wrote some words about it ending last week that you might enjoy if you missed them. If you didn't, you might enjoy them anyway, but maybe a little less now that you know what happens!!

RIP ASW 2003-2015

Father's Day is coming up and this year I've got your back! What is the best gift for all dads, but your dad in particular? Well clearly it's a #1 Dad shirt, but one that is legally binding:

This is a limited-time design that will ship in time for Father's Day!

One year ago today: a prince dedicates the entire resources of his kingdom to tracking down a peasant and nobody gets rich?? PLEASE.

– Ryan

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