What are the haps my friends

January 30th, 2017: Next week I will be in the UNITED STATES as part of a book tour! It's for Squirrel Girl but I'll also be happy to talk/sign anything else, INCLUDING Dinosaur Comics stuff! Wednesday Thursday and Friday in San Diego, Portland, and Seattle: the details are RIGHT HERE.

There is a stealth shout out to The Good Place in panel 3, which is a tv programme I've really enjoyed recently! I recommend you go into it SPOILER FREE. :0

One year ago today: "god is great" said moses. "yes absolutely" said the other character he was talking to. "just can't get enough of that god guy. wowee. A+++, no complaints here," the guy said, and then looked directly into the camera before continuing. "just literally a perfect dude."

– Ryan

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