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What are the haps my friends

February 1st, 2017: Guess what happened 14 years ago, THIS VERY DAY?? If you guessed "well Ryan, is it that you put the very first Dinosaur Comic online, sharing publicly what you'd spent just one weekend working on, having no idea that you would be able to get more than a few days of material out of these pictures before you'd have to change them, and in doing so change the course of your life from 'probably gonna be a computer programmer I guess' to 'guy who writes comics and does crazy things on the internet'", then you guessed correctly! WELL DONE!

14 years ago my life changed, and it's all thanks to you - for reading my comics, for sharing them, for making everything else possible. Thank you so much. [heart emoji] [dinosaur emoji] [emoji that when you look at it you feel the same ineffable joy you felt when your parents picked you up from school and instead of going directly home you went to get surprise ice creams]

One year ago today: the first draft of this comic included the line "the only thing that didn't die with johnny was his horniness"; it was a very different comic that, for some reason, i abandoned

– Ryan

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