What are the haps my friends

January 4th, 2019: HAPPY 2019! This is the most surreal part of the year for me, because it's the part of the year where I get to change the copyright date on the comic, way down there in the lower left-hand corner, moving the "8" to a "9". I started this comic in 2003 and never expected I'd make it past the year, let alone over FIFTEEN of them! So thank you so much for making that possible. You are individually and collectively the best! The comic's birthday is the 1st of February and I'll have more to say then!

One year ago today: rip the "my new years resolution is [whatever resolution your screen is at]" joke, it died in 2017, it's dead now and nobody can use it ever again, sorry but that's just how death works

– Ryan

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