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What are the haps my friends

August 12th, 2020: It actually took a few tries to get something decent out of GPT-3 for Dinosaur Comics-style text, likely because there isn't a lot of internet text data that looks quite like it. We're UNIQUE here, baby!! Anyway it sure was fun to only write half a comic and get a full comic out, but I'm pretty sure I'll keep writing my own full comics for at least a little while! But if you'd like more algorithmically-generated stories, I have been using it to create new episodes of Star Trek over at @StarTrekAI.

And if you'd like to generate your OWN comics - Zuzakistan has built his own GPT-2 based bespoke Dinosaur Comics generator! It's trained on Qwantz data, instead of the entire internet like GPT-3 is, so you have a chance of generating comics that feel more Dinosaur Comics-like! Check it out!

And hey, here's a different bottom half of the comic that GPT-3 generated! It had too many panels but I did enjoy how intelligible and T-Rexlike it was.

UTAHRAPTOR: If every line after this one was written by GPT-3, wouldn't that mean that everything you said was written by GPT-3?

UTAHRAPTOR: As far as I know, a model cannot create something without being given something to base it off of. T-REX: Yes! And to add another, equally valid self-reference, I've devised a way around that!

T-REX: Every day, I say the things I'll be saying today! I take down the whole conversation and save it for later! T-REX: When GTP-3's self-reference days come, it has everything to work off of! It knows what to say!

UTAHRAPTOR: So what you're saying is that you will only ever speak what GPT-3 tells you to speak? T-REX: No, I'm saying I'm planning to have a computer write what I say today, and then say it tomorrow!
T-REX: NOT that I'm a giant, intelligent, albino Tyrannosaurus Rex who never says his own words and uses the internet like a puppet!

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– Ryan

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