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What are the haps my friends

November 8th, 2021: There was a time in my life when I got about two emails a minute. It overlapped with the time in my life when I thought "Hey, it'd be a good idea to set it up so every email address at points to mine!" and the time in my life when I didn't know "Hey, spammers will just GUESS at emails and send messages to made-up addresses that don't exist." I ended up training a classifier to identify the non-spam that ran constantly, until I was at a CL conference talking to someone about classifying spam and he said "That's the most I've heard one person getting. Why don't you just turn off your catchall address?" and I was like "...HUH. Right. That... is a reasonable solution that doesn't require an AI classifier to solve.

One year ago today: honestly butterflies don't weigh that much, stepping on a metric ton of them is - it's just awful. i'm sorry but there's absolutely no way you do that without deliberate, malicious intent

– Ryan

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