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What are the haps my friends

March 24th, 2023: I have exciting news: YOU CAN GET DINOSAUR COMICS TEXTED TO YOU NOW!

It's a little microservice me and Samuel Henry cooked up and it's SUPER SIMPLE: you enter your phone number and then you get new Dinosaur Comics texted to you as soon as they come out, at the time you choose! It cost $2.99 US a month and the money goes direct to us and not anyone standing in between, which I like. You also get the alt text sent too! And do the texts come from 1-51-TDASHREX?? My friend, they do. And the alt text is included too!

There's a free seven-day trial as well, so you don't need to worry about it maybe being "not as cool as it seems" because it truly is. Check it out!

One year ago today: these are the dinosaur versions of these sites, so on dinosaur instagram, everyone just posts pictures of charismatic dinosaurs and what those dinosaurs are eating. hell yeah baby

– Ryan

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