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What are the haps my friends

April 5th, 2006: Hey, I've got a new shirt up for sale! It is probably the last shirt you'll ever need to buy, PLUS it has a whale on it and it lets you decide if this is awesome. C-C-Check it out! Also, today's comic is the 750th I've put online, which is pretty sweet! I guess now is as good a time as any to let you know that Dinosaur Comics is my full-time job, and actually has been my SECRET full-time job since around this time last year. Being able to support myself by the comic has given me the time to build services like the Oh No Robot comic search engine and RSSPECT, the RSS feed thingy, which hopefully will continue to be of use to webcomics people. Thanks for letting me have the sweetest job going, everyone!

I didn't announce this when I started doing the comic full-time a year ago, because I was worried when I missed days people would be all "DUDE YOU MISSED A DAY! WHAT in the HECKS", but I don't really think that will happen. You guys have been nothing but supportive, and nobody gets mad when Chris misses a day! I presume!

In any case, yes, thank you! And a high five to Jon, who also announced he was going full-time with Goats today! Woo!

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– Ryan

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