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What are the haps my friends

April 18th, 2006: I've updated Posterchild's Mario Blocks site with two new block installations, and my Webcomics Tattoos site with a brand new T-Rex tattoo on Donovan. Sweet! Jeff's Overcompensating has a Mario Block themed comic today too.

Mark and Lauren both sent in pictures of themselves in Dinosaur Comics shirts and they are both very cool looking people. I mirrored Lauren's picture but you probably wouldn't even have noticed if I didn't tell you!

Also, Ryan Callahan sent me his vision of a recent comic. Sweet! And if you're looking for another cool comic, I'd recommend Dead Eyes Open. It's in print, but you can also read excerpts and short comic stories on the site, and the comic itself is only 2.95 an issue. It's about a world where people start coming back as zombies, but they're just like us, only rotting. It's neat.

One year ago today: guilt over tasty things

– Ryan

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