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May 10th, 2006: There are a bunch of new things today! First, if you're looking to buy my book but don't want to buy it online, I've posted a list of bookstores that you can find it in! There is probably one near you, especially if you're in the States, since the book is carried at Borders. Also if you'd like your local bookstore or comic shop to carry the book, you should tell them about it!

Secondly, Jason Eppink's animated short Dinosaur Comics: The Animated Series has been selected as a finalist for the Palm Mobifest Awards, and will be screened in Toronto next Wednesday (the 17th). Exciting! I'LL BE THERE.

Thirdly, here is an MSN interview with me done by Andrew, in which we chat about stuff and I speak in caps for a bit. Andrew's also done a Dinosaur Comics themed Bubble Bobble parody.

FINALLY, A Softer World now has an official RSS feed (and a sexy Livejournal feed) via RSSPECT. Exciting! Especially if you like RSS?

One year ago today: anger management (not the film. the comic.)

– Ryan

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