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What are the haps my friends

May 11th, 2006: Sweet, I've got a bunch of pictures of people in Dinosaur Comics t-shirts today! Stuart shows us how Professor Science studies for a big exam, and also how one must maximize the things they do when they have some time off. Lahr poses with a D8 AND a book explaining Huffman encoding. And here's Sumit! You can tell where he is by the background of the picture (ps he is in London).

Also here are Jim's Easter Eggs, a little late but still pretty awesome!

There is a new Sam and Max game coming out soon. I am excited because everyone loves Sam and Max. There's a new webcomic to go along with the game too (written by Steve Purcell!) AND, on the FAQ page for the game, there's a little shout out in the last question to Dinosaur Comics, which makes me super happy. Hooray for liking each other's stuff!

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– Ryan

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