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What are the haps my friends

May 17th, 2006: Mobifest was a lot of fun! Sean Cullen and Mark McKinney (Canadian celebrities woo!) were hosting and they were both funny, especially when the projector wasn't working. Dinosaur Comics didn't win, BUT, it was one of the audience favourites, and people did laugh during the screening, which was gratifying. I was worrying that without the context of the comic people would just - you know, burst into tears. Here's a pretty funny picture of me being interviewed for the CBC. It looks like they're interviewing me on how come I'm so tall.

Hey, what are you doing May 27th - the Saturday night? You should come to a party me and Bryan Lee O'Malley are having! It is a book release party for our two new books: his Scott Pilgrim book and my Dinosaur Comics book and it promises to be AWESOME. You can read more at The Beguiling's web site, or on this handy invitation card! THE WHOLE WORLD IS INVITED. I'll be making Dinosaur Comics live. It is likely to be hilariously disasterous!

Also, if you haven't read Scott Pilgrim, you should! It's one of my favourite comics. And just today, Newsarama put the Free Comic Book Day Scott Pilgrim story online, which is great. Go read it and you will probably love it!

FINALLY, in other "internet people in the real world how cool is that" news, if he's in town, you should totally head out to one of MC Frontalot's shows! His beats are decidedly the freshest. He's in West Columbia, SC tonight! I have really been enjoying his Mountain Kind lately. Over and over and over again.

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