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What are the haps my friends

May 26th, 2006: I'll be at Anime North today, Saturday, and Sunday, at the Beguiling table. Woo! SPEAKING OF THIS WEEKEND, May 27th - this Saturday night is the party me and Bryan Lee O'Malley are having in Toronto! It is a book release party for our two new books: his Scott Pilgrim book and my Dinosaur Comics book and it promises to be AWESOME. You can read more at The Beguiling's web site, or on this handy invitation card! THE WHOLE WORLD IS INVITED. I'll be making Dinosaur Comics live. It is likely to be hilariously disasterous! I hope to see you there. My parents will be there. WILL YOU?

Here are some great pictures of people in Dinosaur Comics shirts! Here's Mack and here's Moritz. And here's Keiris and her adorable baby, BOTH in Dinosaur Comics shirts! Michael and his adorable cat-son Pete also cut a striking figure. Keiris and Michael are wearing shirts that are no longer available, making them indier than thou.

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