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What are the haps my friends

October 27th, 2006: Wow, it's been a crazy past couple of days! The response to Project Wonderful has been entirely awesome, and I'm working hard on getting the system ready for more websites. If you want to be included as it expands, sign up for an account and request an invite code! It's been really exciting to see how it's being used, and how the new more responsive advertising model I came up with lets you do things like buy an ad that says "I love you baby!" for a few hours. Neat! I am super excited.

Also the Truth and Beauty Bombs message boards are down ("Suspended!" says the hosting company! "Get your act together! Sheesh!" says I!) and it seems like they all went home for the weekend so it might be a bit before they get up again. Sorry about that everyone!

I have more news to post but I will cover that later: right now I need to eat my first meal of the day. Sources say it will be: pork?

One year ago today: he gets knocked down, but he gets up again

– Ryan

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