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What are the haps my friends

November 6th, 2006: So Sheldon has changed hosting and URLs! You can now find it at Sheldon is not only a funny comic which incidentally features a billionaire 10-year-old BUT it's one with a fascinating history, because Dave has actually moved from the syndicate United Feature's (which put popup/popunder ads on his comic and refused to tell their online readers what the new URL is) to his own place, moving from the support network of a syndicate to going his own. You can read his post on his main page for more details! It's an interesting story and I wish Dave all the best and really think he's made the right decision.

I always find it interesting that outside of comics, a "syndicate" is usually something sinister that Batman has to punch a lot of dudes to break up, but in comics, somehow joining a syndicate is omg the best thing ever. I just wrote OMG there and didn't even capitalize it but we're cool!

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– Ryan

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